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What is Athletic Fitness?
What is Athletic Fitness? Athletic Fitness is a sport, originally from Sweden, where athletes compete individually in physiques, strength and endurance. The first competition 1994 was called Classic Superstar and held in Sweden. Today Swedish Championships is held annually by the Swedish body culture Association SKKF, which is also the organizers of the December Tournament where beginners can compete in Athletic Fitness. Athletic fitness is also a popular sport in Norway and held annually at Oslo Grand Prix and Stavanger Open. In November 2011, in conjunction with Classic Bodybuilding Championships in Estonia, Athletes could compete in Athletic Fitness World Championships.

SM Alingsås athletic fitness
Swedish Championships 2015

This is how it works: The Athletes are competing in two different classes. Men who are shorter than 180 cm compete in one class and men longer than 180 compete in another. Women compete in a class shorter than 165 cm and women longer than 165 cm compete in another.

athletic fitness 2015
Athletic Fitness – Sweden 2015

Each competition consists of three rounds. Athlete in each category receiving the most total points wins. Round 1 (Physics) The athletes stand on stage in black trunks (men) / Bikini (women) and performs four poses. They get judged on their front, side and back pose. The judges are primarily looking at muscle development, fat variety and symmetry. Round 2 (strength) Only 15 Athletes with the best score goes through to round 2. The athletes will be lifting their own weight as many times as they can in the exercises chins and dips. They need to perform the exercises in a strict form to get the reps to count. No kipping is aloud and they need to lock out every rep till full extension. Round 3 (endurance)

rowing athletic fitness
2 min rowing – Athletic Fitness

Only 6 Athletes with the best score goes through to round 3. The endurance Rounds consists of an obstacle course that the athletes properly should get across in the shortest amount of time as possible. In some competitions, with smaller premises rowing machine is used instead. The competitors will row as far as they can in one minute (beginners competition) or 2 minutes (Swedish championships competition). Placement points are then added to the overall score. This way basically anything can happen, and the competition is exciting to the very end.

Tyngre Classic 2015 – obstacle course

Why Athletic Fitness? A bodybuilder would probably win the physique round, but would have problems in both strength and the endurance round. A Crossfit athlete would probably do well on the strength and obstacle course, but would probably place themselves poorly in the physics round. This is what makes the sport interesting, the Athletic fitness athlete needs to have it all! Introducing a new sport like Athletic fitness will open doors for brand new athletes and audience to enter the arena of the fitness sport. Fore example, since Bikini Fitness and men’s physique got introduced to Swedish competitions, the number of events and athletes have increased exponentially! There are great financial potential in disciplines like bikini fitness, men’s physique and Athletic fitness. The biggest reason for its popularity is that athletes with less muscular mass can compete in these disciplines, witch is not possible in traditional bodybuilding.

sm athletic fitness 2015
SM Winner 2015 – Danijela Hodges

Athletic fitness is a sport attracting Athletes not only from the bodybuilding branches but from other sports like crossfit, gymnastics and other figure disciplines. In Sweden the Athletic fitness obstacle course has been the audience attraction at various events. It’s a fresh air between the line ups at stage. Athletic Fitness sells tickets!

sm alingsås 2015
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